Is It Nip And Tuck Time For Your Eyes?

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Most people go to an ophthalmologist to treat health problems, such as glaucoma. However, ophthalmologists are also surgeons and they can erase years of life from your appearance. If your eyes are beginning to show some age, consider having eyelid surgery.

Tissues and Muscles

Tissues in your eyelids are no different from other tissues in your body. They start to sag as you age, and not always in unison. You might have one eyelid that droops a little more than the other one. If you are overweight, excess fat can make your eyes look puffy all day. When the muscles of the lower eyelid weaken, they create permanent bags under your eyes.

Upper Eyelids

The surgeon makes a small incision in your upper eyelid to remove excess skin and fat. He can reposition the fat, if necessary. The procedure leaves a tiny scar but it is hidden in the crease. The scar turns white and is barely noticeable after it heals.

Upper eyelid surgery is a temporary procedure. You should get at least five years of gorgeous eyes. Some people enjoy a full decade before they start to sag again. There is no way to permanently stop the aging process on the upper eyelids. Moreover, this particular type of surgery cannot be repeated. When your eyelids start drooping again, you will need cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin on the forehead.

Lower Eyelids

Cosmetic surgery on the lower lid involves slicing just inside your lower eyelashes. The doctor removes excess skin and tightens the muscles that control this area. Your eyes will be as lovely as when you were younger.

Surgery on the lower eyelids is permanent. While your eyes will still get a little baggy when you skimp on sleep, it is a temporary condition not related to the surgery. It's rare to notice a scar since it is up at the lash line. You might not even need stitches, depending on the type of procedure the surgeon performs.

Laser Resurfacing

Stitches on the upper eyelid remain in place for up to six days. When the eye care center determines your wound has reached the preferred stage of healing, the doctor might offer a procedure called laser resurfacing. It is a cold laser using carbon dioxide and pulsing light beams to remove scar tissue. You might have a little soreness afterward but should completely heal within 14 days. Not everyone is a good candidate for laser treatments on the eyelid, especially cigarette smokers. If you have any concerns, visit an eye care center.