The Importance Of Backup Glasses For Your Contacts

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Depending on your reason for getting contacts, you might be reluctant to return to wearing glasses. However, it might be a smart decision for you to get a prescription for eyeglasses when you get your contacts. Here are some of the benefits of wearing glasses. 

Decreased Risk of Eye Infections

When you have an eye infection, wearing contacts can only serve to exacerbate your condition. In fact, your optometrist will inform you to not wear the contacts until your infection has cleared. In the meantime, you can wear your glasses.

Contact wearers can suffer from special infections, such as ulcerative keratitis, which result from improperly wearing contacts. As a result, you could end up facing a number of eye health problems, including temporary vision loss. To decrease the risk of eye infections, use eyeglasses when necessary. 

Increased Oxygen to Eyes

Just like every other organ in your body, your eyes need oxygen to function properly. When you wear contacts, the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes is minimal. To compensate for this, blood vessels will start to develop on the surface of your eyes. 

To avoid this development, you can pickup a pair of glasses to help give your eyes a break from wearing the contacts. By alternating between the glasses and contacts, you allow your eyes to take in the oxygen they need to properly function.

Backup for Traveling Purposes

Anything could happen while traveling. You could tear the contacts you have or even lose them. If you have poor vision, this could leave you scrambling for a way to replace the contacts. 

To avoid fumbling around, you can take along your eyeglasses. The glasses are already suited for your eyes, which means that you do not have to worry about an adjustment period. 

Affordable Vision Option

Refilling your contacts prescription can quickly add up financially. This is especially true if you have sensitive eyes and need to replace lenses frequently. 

Eyeglasses are an affordable vision option for those periods of time in which you cannot afford to refill your contacts. Eyeglasses are a one-time charge that works out to far less than your contacts.

The best way to judge whether or not a backup pair of eyeglasses is for you is to talk to an optometry office, like Arizona Eye Specialists. An optometrist can share more benefits of contact and glasses, and they can give you a prescription for both.