Considering Laser Vein Treatment? Determine What Type Of Veins You Have

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If you're the type of person who goes to great lengths to reduce the visibility of the prominent or damaged veins in your legs -- perhaps using makeup or even changing the way you dress -- there's a better option to consider. Laser vein treatment is a safe, pain-free and reliable way to close the vein, thereby eliminating its visibility over time. This form of treatment is available at many skin care clinics and one session is typically enough to lead to significant results. If you're not sure is laser vein treatment is right for you, it's important to know how this form of treatment can benefit patients with spider veins and with varicose veins. Here's how to tell which type of veins you might have.

Spider Veins

It's easy to identify spider veins by their appearance. Somewhat similar to the legs of a spider, these veins are long and thin, appearing to stretch directly below your skin. They can also have the red appearance of broken blood vessels. Spider veins are most common in areas of your body such as your feet and legs.

In addition to their appearance, spider veins can carry a wide range of symptoms that will alert you to their presence. These symptoms can include swelling, itching and an overall restless or otherwise unpleasant sensation in and around the affected areas. Spider veins have a hereditary nature and your chance of developing them increases as you age. They're also more common among people who have stood for long stretches. The controlled use of a laser to remove spider veins is ideal because it's less invasive than other common treatments, including sclerotherapy.

Varicose Veins

A close relative to spider veins but with a different appearance, varicose veins are blue in color and appear swollen under the skin. They're also common in the legs and can lead to symptoms such as pain, itching and a swollen feeling in your legs, although it's possible that you might not have any symptoms, other than being able to see the veins. This type of vein is common among people who are overweight and can also develop in those who stand for long periods of time -- for example, those whose careers involve staying on their feet all day. Laser vein treatment is an effective way to remove varicose veins, providing you with relief from not only their visual nature, but also their troubling physical symptoms.

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