2 Tips For Getting More Comfortable With Wearing A Knee Brace While Running

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While running for long distances can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health it can also leave your body open to injury. Knee injuries can be experienced due to a number of reasons including previous health issues and poor warm up practices. In order to properly recover from this injury, you will need to reduce how often you use your knees to walk and run. As you get back into running after your knee injury, you may want to wear a knee brace while you run. This helps to give your knees additional support and works to prevent future injury. Wearing a knee brace can be difficult to adjust to. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to make this transition easier.

Practice Power Walking with Your Knee Brace

Before you begin to run using your knee brace, you should first start with power walking. Walking at a high-speed level will help to give you a better feel of what the brace will feel like when you run. This will also help you to break the brace in. A knee brace wraps around your knees and can feel constricting if you have never worn anything like it before. However, this feeling reduces the more that you wear the device. As your body and legs adjust to wearing the brace you can slowly increase your speed. Try to power walk while wearing your knee brace for at least a week before transitioning into running.

Stretch Your Legs Beforehand

Stretching is not only a good way to prevent injury but it is also a good way to help strengthen legs that have been weakened by injury in the past. Wearing a knee brace without stretching will make the brace feel stiff and compressed against your knee. The brace is designed to relieve pressure from your knee and create stability. Stretching your knees and legs beforehand helps to ease joints that are incredibly stiff and tight. Once you wear your knee brace after stretching thoroughly, the brace will feel like it fits seamlessly around your knee while you run. The more often and longer you stretch the easier it will be to run with the knee brace.

If worn regularly and properly a knee brace can help to preserve the health of your legs. However, if you are wearing a brace for the first time it is easy to feel uncomfortable while you run. Therefore, use these tips to help you get more acquainted with wearing your knee brace while running. For more information, contact companies like Human Technology.