5 Benefits Of Walk-In Tubs

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A walk-in tub serves the same purpose as a traditional bathtub, but it comes with a door on the side, allowing a person to get in more safely. This type of tub is especially popular with the elderly and individuals with limited mobility. A walk-in tub can be a great investment. Here are five great benefits of walk-in tubs you should know about:

Helpful With Limited Mobility

If you have limited mobility because of an illness or injury, the most basic tasks can become difficult. You may even have trouble climbing into a bathtub without pain and struggle. A walk-in tub is a great investment for someone in your situation. Instead of climbing over a bathtub and slipping, you can safely and easily walk in.

Serves As a Shower

Sometimes you do not feel like soaking in a tub and just want a quick shower. The great thing about a walk-in tub is that it can operate as a shower too. A good quality walk-in tub may even come with an extendable showerhead.

Prevents Slips and Falls

It is common for elderly people to slip and fall while getting into a bathtub. Falls can lead to fractured hips and other serious injuries that may cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. If you are an elderly person, you may want to consider getting a walk-in tub to reduce the risk of falls. 

Ease Aches and Pains

Many walk-in tubs come with other terrific features, such as whirlpool jets and therapeutic air. The heat and buoyancy this tub provides can help reduce pain from muscles cramps, sports injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in any area of your body, you can just soak in this tub and feel completely better afterward.

Better Hygiene

If you find it too difficult to get in your bathtub every day, you may not have the motivation to bathe every day. However, infrequent bathing doesn't just lead to body odor; it can also result in skin infections and crusts of dirt on your skin. If you purchase a walk-in tub, you will be able to get in much easier and can keep up with your hygiene better.

As you can see, there are many advantages of owning a walk-in tub. This tub is a big investment, but it can improve your quality of life and keep you from getting hurt. Check out websites like http://www.twincitystairlifts.com to learn more.