2 Mistakes To Avoid When Recovering From A Knee Injury

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If you recently injured your knee and are going through the process of healing, you may be wondering what you can do to speed up the process. However, while going through the recovery phase, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while rehabilitating through a place like Hands-On Physical Therapy

Keeping Your Knee Immobilized 

After injuring your knee, you are probably experiencing a lot of pain, especially when you bend your leg. Because of the pain upon movement, you may be tempted to keep your leg straight and immobilized. 

However, keeping your from moving could make your injury worse. If you do not move your leg, the muscles around the joint will tighten and freeze up, possibly making it to where you cannot move your leg at all without severe pain.

While you are recovering, listen to your therapist and perform the exercises they recommend during each stage of your rehab. Doing so will keep your knee moving and the blood flowing, which can help speed up the healing of the torn tissue.

Wrapping Your Knee Too Tight 

As part of the effort to make yourself more comfortable, you were likely told to wear a brace or ace bandage around your knee. The brace or wrap helps to stabilize the joint while you are moving and walking, enabling you to keep moving and do your exercises.

However, whenever you put on the brace or wrap, do not make the mistake of putting it on too tight. Keep in mind that while you are up and moving around, the blood flow will increase to the area. If wrapped too tightly, your knee will swell. 

If you knee starts to swell, you will have a sharp increase in your pain. Also, the circulation to your knee and lower leg will be cut off, increasing the risk of tissue damage or blood clots.

Whenever you wrap your knee, make sure that the brace or wrap is snug enough to stay put but loose enough to easily put your index finger between it and your leg.

While you have your knee wrapped, check it periodically for signs of swelling. Also, look at the color of your lower leg. If it becomes discolored, take off the brace or wrap until your normal color returns before rewrapping your knee.

Avoiding the above mistakes while recovering from your knee injury can help you get back on your feet faster. For additional tips on what you can do to facilitate your recovery, speak with the physical therapist in charge of your injury rehab for personalized guidance.