Advantages Of Saline Implants Over Silicone Varieties

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If you are looking to augment your breasts so they appear larger and fuller, then you may be looking at your implant options. There are a variety of different surgical procedures that can be performed, but most cosmetic surgeons will use either saline or silicone implants. Saline implants are more common now and provide a wide variety of advantages over silicone varieties. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Specialized Sizing

Your surgeon will work with you to decide on the best-sized breast implants for your body shape, current chest size, and your desires. However, some slight changes may need to be made when your surgeon actually performs the procedure. The professional will discuss this with your in advance.

For example, if you have a deep chest wall, then a larger implant may be needed to produce the desired look. Also, one chest cavity may be slightly larger than the other. This may require two implants that are slightly different in size. For these scenarios and others, your surgeon can opt to add more filling or less filling material to each implant. This is possible with saline implants are used, because they are often filled right before the surgery.

Basically, your surgeon will have the implant shell or a partially filled implant. Saline can be removed or added to an exterior fill port. The port is sealed and the implant is inserted. Some surgeons will also add saline through the port and a fill tube once the implants are inserted. This is best if fine adjustments to volume are desired. 

Smaller Incisions

Many women are concerned about incision size and how this will affect the overall appearance of the procedure. Most individuals want a smaller incision that can be hidden underneath the breast or along the armpit. Well, with saline implants, incisions are smaller. In general, the saline can be manipulated more than silicone due to its fluid nature. This allows the implant to be pushed through a smaller opening. 

Even smaller incisions are likely if the implant is filled mostly or fully after it is secured in the chest. 

Incisions types and sizes will often be determined once your specific anatomy is considered. Speak with your physician if the incision location and size are a concern.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of saline breast augmentation, speak with a qualified plastic surgeon or cosmetic specialist.