About The Risks Of A Child Having Infected Gums & How A Pediatric Dentist Can Treat It

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Do your child's teeth seem to bleed more than usual after they are brushed? It is possible that his or her gums are infected from the bacteria in plaque, which means urgent care from a pediatric dentist is necessary. Find out about the risks of leaving infected gums untreated and the type of dental treatment that your child may need.

What Are the Risks of Leaving a Child's Gums Infected?

The main risk of leaving a child's gums infected is the possibility of the pulp chamber getting damaged. If bacteria from plaque make it into the pulp chamber of one or more of your child's teeth, he or she can suffer from a full body inflammation. There are blood vessels in the pulp chamber that can act as a way for harmful bacteria to get into your child's bloodstream. The nerves in the pulp chamber can also die from a gum infection.

Another risk of a gum infection is that it can turn into periodontal disease, which is a severe gum infection. This painful condition can cause him or her to lose jawbone tissue, which can make your child's teeth get loose and eventually fall out.

A gum infection can also make it difficult for your child to eat hot and cold foods because of the tooth sensitivity. The formation of cavities can make sensitive teeth too painful to cope with. You must seek dental treatment for your child before his or her bleeding gums become a more severe problem.

What Type of Dental Treatment Can Heal a Gum Infection?

If your child is only suffering from a minor gum infection, it is likely that a pediatric dentist will be able to prescribe antibiotics to treat it. When a gum infection turns severe enough to infect the pulp chamber, a root canal is usually required to remove dead nerves and blood vessels. The root canal will require a hole being drilled into the infected teeth, but the hole will be filled with dental putty after all of the dead pulp is removed.

Expect your child to be given a thorough examination when he or she visits with the dentist. The examination will include an X-ray so the dentist can get a look at the jawbones to make sure they are healthy. Set an appointment with a pediatric dentist so you can get to the root of your child's bleeding gums!