4 Signs Of An Abnormal Mole

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Moles may seem like a harmless skin abnormality. Many people have moles without any problems, but some moles can be signs of a medical problem. In fact, one of the most common signs of skin cancer is an abnormal mole. The goal is to discover early on that there is a problem with the mole and have it removed. Here are some concerning things to look for:

1. Changes in Color

A healthy mole will be all one color. It should also stay consistent with color over time. If you notice that one side of the mole is a different color than the other, this could be cause for concern. In addition, if the mole looks different than it did even a couple months or years ago, this is another sign that the mole has problems.

2. Symmetry

Moles are generally symmetrical. If you cut the mole in half it should look exactly the same shape on both sides. If you have a mole that is a weird shaped, that is not symmetrical, then it might be cancerous. Moles that are compromised will start to spread and change shapes. This is not a good sign, and should not be ignored.

3. No Border

Another common feature of a healthy mole is a well-defined border. It will almost look as though the mole is raised off the skin from the border. If the mole is unhealthy it will spread out from the border. It will almost look like the mole is bleeding under the skin. This kind of feature confirms that the mole is not just a normal mole, but that it is cancerous. You should get it removed right away.

4. Large In Size

The majority of moles on your body should be small. They should almost look like freckles. However, you might have a couple that are larger in size. Pay close attention to these moles, these could be compromised. In addition, a mole that is unhealthy might grow. Regular moles will stay the same size over time. So if you notice a change in size, attend to the mole right away.

At any time that you feel there is a problem with a mole, you need to seek advice from a specialist. By discovering skin cancer early, you have a better chance of beating it. If the problem goes undetected for a long period of time, it could risk your health. To learn more, contact a company like Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists with any questions you have.