Caring For Your Skin After Laser Resurfacing

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The healing time for fractional resurfacing is a few days shorter than traditional laser skin treatments, but you will still need to spend a few days healing. Your doctor can improve the appearance of your skin with laser resurfacing, but you will receive the best results if you take care of yourself afterward

Care for Your Skin Before and Afterward

Also, if you take good care of your skin before and after the treatment, you will be less likely to have complications. This includes wearing sun screen, moisturizing and exfoliating periodically. Immediately after the treatment, your doctor might apply a skin ointment and may also cover the treated area with a dressing. Keep this dressing on for as long as instructed by your doctor.

Only Use Makeup When You Have Permission

During the healing process, your face might have redness or scabs. Many patients cover this up with makeup until these effects disappear. However, wait until your skin has healed and you have received permission from your doctor.

Ask Your Doctor for an Anti-Itch Treatment

The skin might also be very itchy, so you should consult with your doctor regarding treatments that can alleviate these uncomfortable sensations. Try to avoid scratching your skin because doing so will increase the risk of scarring. Several days after your treatment, your skin will become dry and will begin peeling.

Tell Your Doctor if There is Swelling

One common side effect of skin resurfacing is swelling near the eyelids. Fortunately, a steroid prescription can help alleviate swelling. Also, many patients claim they feel relief when they apply an ice pack. You may also experience pain and this is best treated through pain medications.

Keep the Area Clean

Usually, you will need to clean the affected area frequently in order to improve the results afterward. Ask your doctor about whether you should use a saline solution to clean your face or not.

Protect Your Skin

After the initial healing period is over, you will still need to take steps to avoid damaging your skin and undoing the original results. Wear sunscreen whenever you go outside because your skin will temporarily be lighter and will be more vulnerable to burning. You will also want to start a skin moisturizing regimen.

Call Your Doctor if

Throughout the healing process, there are several things you will want to watch out for, including:

Fortunately, each of these problems can be treated by your doctor, such as someone from Derma Cosmedica, which is why you will want to call him or her as early as possible.