Sniffing Out The Facts: Is Injection Rhinoplasty Right For You?

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Nose jobs are a popular cosmetic surgery option, but the process is invasive and can require a lengthy recovery process. If you've been dreaming of that new nose you've always wanted but dread the idea of going under the knife, the latest rhinoplasty method may be right for you. Injection rhinoplasty allows patients to get that look they've always wanted through the use of an injected filler instead of a full surgical procedure. Here's a look at what you need to know about the process to see if it would work for you.

How Does it Work?

This non-surgical approach to nose jobs uses a series of strategically placed injections throughout your nose. The surgeon will typically use a topical cream to numb the area first, then he or she will inject a filler into your nose to shape it according to the structure desired.

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, you won't have several days of recovery time and bandages with this treatment. Instead, you'll probably see some swelling and redness right after the procedure. Things should settle over the course of the day so that the next day you're feeling and looking like your new self.

What is the Filler?

The filler product used in this process is similar to those products used to reduce wrinkles and fill out lips. It's typically gel-based, and it has a balance of phosphate ions and calcium to reduce the chances of any infections or allergic reactions.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Nose jobs using injection treatments aren't right for everyone, but they can be helpful in addressing many of the cosmetic complaints. Good candidates for this type of treatment are looking to smooth out bumps or ridges in their nose shape, add some dimension to their nasal bridge or improve the symmetry of their nose structure.

Why is it Better than Surgery?

There are many reasons why a patient may find injection rhinoplasty to be a better option than traditional surgery. For example, it is typically more affordable, making it a more accessible procedure for patients who couldn't otherwise afford the treatment they wanted. Injection rhinoplasty also eliminates the anxiety associated with surgical procedures.

Since it doesn't require any incisions, it's often more favorable for people who are timid about surgery. Finally, the minimal recovery time is a significant benefit. You won't have to spend days at home under bandages while you wait for the surgery to heal. You can resume most of your regular activities fairly quickly.

If specific features of your nose have always bothered you, or you've wondered about giving yourself a new look, injection rhinoplasty may be the way to go. Contact a local doctor, such as Upper Cape Ear Nose & Throat, with any questions.