Doing Pilates At Home? Times You Need To Go To The Studio

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One of the nice thing about starting a Pilates routine is the ability to do it at home. However, there are times and situations when you should be going to a studio for your workouts instead. While this may mean that you have to pay for a session or two, if it isn't part of a gym fee you already pay, the cost will be well worth the gains you make and your health. Sometimes, you need to have a bit of extra professional help to keep you safe and avoid causing pain or damage to your body. This article will discuss two situations when this is the case. 

Just Starting Out

There are many books, DVDs and online videos that can help you create a Pilates routine. However, even when they make it a point to show you the proper way to execute different exercises, you can never be sure YOU are doing it correctly. When you first start any exercise regime, it is a good idea to have professional help, but when it is something like Pilates or Yoga, with moves and stretches you have never tried before, alignment and the proper execution is crucial. Having someone there to adjust your body and to ensure you have a well-rounded routine is necessary to get the results you want.

Sick, Injured or Have a Chronic Disease

If you recently suffered with a debilitating illness such as the flu, were injured, or have a chronic disease like diabetes or fibromyalgia, it is best to work out with a professional, at least until you are back to full health. One of the things a professional can do is to push you, but in a manner that is not going to cause more harm. You may try to force yourself to do an exercise or move that you used to do but are not quite ready for yet. It is also common to not push yourself to your limits, so you take longer to get back to where you were.

When you have a chronic disease, you can never be sure how exercise is going to affect your body or the medications you take. It is important to have a professional there who can help in an emergency, such as a sudden drop in your blood sugar. There is a fine line between pushing yourself and going too far. A healthy person will not suffer too much if pushed too far, but someone with a chronic disease can end up in the hospital or in bed if not careful.

Pilates is a great all around exercise regime. It builds core muscles, strengthens all muscles and improves your cardiovascular system. You may choose to exercise in the comfort of your own home, in your spare time, with little extra equipment required to get started. However, to reap the most benefits from all your hard work, know that you may need to go to a Pilates studio occasionally. Besides having professional help, there is also advanced equipment you can use if things have gotten a bit boring at home.