4 Ways To Prevent Your Feet From Hurting After A Day In Heels

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As a woman in a high-powered career, high heels are just part of the required attire. Unfortunately, wearing high heels all day is not always the most comfortable thing in the world. Here are four things you can do to prevent your feet from hurting after spending a day working in your high heels.

Correct Your Posture

One of the reasons wearing high heels can be so painful is that many women often try to compensate for the shift in gravity that occurs when they wear heels by leaning forward. When you lean forward, you put stress on both your knees and your back.

When you wear heels, you need to teach your body to lean backwards instead of forward.  This will take stress off your back, knees and toes. When you stand up wearing heals, try to squeeze your gluteus maximus muscles together as you keep your core straight and shift your weight backwards towards the center of your body.

You can strengthen the muscles you need to use to stand up straight by doing some squat workouts at home or at the gym.

Give Your Feet A Break

Wearing high heels all day is asking a lot of your body. When you wear high heals, you are working out not just your feet, but your calves and sometimes your back as well.

If you have any breaks in the day where you can take your heels off for ten minutes, take advantages of these breaks. Perhaps when you are sitting at your desk or when you are on a lunch break. Just taking your heels off will allow your feet and calves to stretch and relax. 

To really stretch your feet and calves though, keep a golf ball with you, and roll it back and forth on the bottom of your foot when you take off your heels. This will help relieve and reduce the tension that can build up in your calves and feet from wearing high heels all day. 

If you can't get in a break during the day, do this when you get home in the evening.

Strengthen Your Feet Muscles

You can reduce the stress of wearing high heels by strengthening your feet muscles. Doing mobility exercises will help keep your feet and ankles mobile and strong. 

Most toe exercises can easily be done at home. For example, just raising your toes and holding them for five seconds and then relaxing them is one easy way to work out your toes. Or, picking up marbles with your toes is another easy and simple way to exercise your feet.

Massage Your Feet

Finally, if you wear high heels all day, you need to invest in three simple tools that will allow you to give your great self-massages on a daily basis. After wearing heels, it is not just your feet that hurt, your calves and quadriceps get a workout too.

At the end of the day, use a golf or lacrosse ball to massage the bottom of your feet. Start with a little pressure and work your way up to an increased level of pressure. This will relieve the stress in your feet muscles. Next, use either a foam roller or the golf ball to massage the rest of your leg, starting with your calves, moving up to your quadriceps and right up to your hips. This will relieve any stress that you gain from walking around in heels all day.

If you wear heels all day, in order to avoid feeling pain in your feet and throughout your body, you need to check your posture, give your feet a break, work them out and massage them. If your feet keep feeling pain, visit a primary care physician like Choice Medical Group.