5 Ways To Prevent Your Child From Catching The Flu

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The flu is a common sickness in little children because their immune systems are not fully developed yet. This virus can bring a lot of unpleasant symptoms for your little one, including a fever, vomiting and muscle aches. However, with a little effort, you can reduce your child's risk of the flu. Here are five effective ways to prevent your child from catching the flu:

Teach Your Child How to Wash His Hand Properly

Regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the flu. However, your child might not be washing his hand thoroughly or frequently enough. Teach your child to scrub both hands with soap and warm water for a minute or so. Remind your little one to wash their hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

Have Your Child Exercise More

Regular physical activity does not just fight obesity; it can also make the immune system stronger. That is why you should have your little one exercise most days of the week. For example, encourage him to play basketball with his friends or walk to the park. 

Do not Let Your Child Share Food

It is common for children to share food at lunchtime, but you should discourage this behavior. If your child shares his food with a sick kid, he could catch the flu virus. 

Get the Flu Shot

Another effective way to reduce your child's chances of catching the flu is to get a flu shot. This shot is very effective and can save your little one a lot of suffering. If your child is nervous about getting a flu shot, explain that it will keep him healthy and strong.

Avoid Crowded Places

It is best to avoid crowded places, like ball pits and indoor playgrounds, as much as possible during flu season. Your child may have a lot of fun at these places, but he is more likely to come in contact with saliva and mucus. If you do let your child play at one of these places, make sure he thoroughly washes his hands afterward.

Getting sick with the flu is not inevitable for your child. If you follow these helpful tips, you can lower your little one's risk of catching this nasty virus. However, if your child still does get sick, keep him away from other people and make sure he drinks plenty of fluids. For medical attention, seek out places like HealthSource Of Ohio.