Steps for Making Fun Catheter Bag Holders for a Person's Urological Needs

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Catheter bags are a crucial part of many people's lives because they hold urine that would otherwise escape or be hard to control. Finding a way to hold this bag in place makes it easier to manage it and avoid spills. This fun project will help protect a person's urological supply and treatment needs.

Choose a Pattern

There are many different patterns that can be used to make a catheter bag. It's best to choose one that is relatively simple and to adjust it to suit the length of the bag. For example, if the bag is about three inches by six, the bag should be about a half-inch longer and taller to make it easier to fit inside. It should also include a hole in the bottom of the bag into which the tube can be slipped.

The type of material used doesn't matter much, as long as it is comfortable against the leg. Nice cotton cloth is a good choice here as it is typically easy to work with and comfortable to wear. Finding material that is close to underwear can be particularly useful, as the leg will already be used to contact with it.

Sew it Together

A good catheter bag will consist of two same-sized and same-shaped pieces of cloth that are sewed together around the edges. Use stitches that are comfortable for your sewing ability, making sure to fully close it on three sides. The last side should be left open at the top to allow room for the bag to slip inside. Cut a small hole in the bottom, as mentioned above, for the tube.

This simple process can be done to make multiple bags that can be worn with different clothes. Even though people won't be seeing this bag, it may still be fun to match it with the rest of your style. In this way, it makes wearing a catheter bag and using a catheter a little more fun.

Tape it Down

After slipping the catheter tube through the hole and slipping the bag inside, it is a good idea to tape the bag down to the leg to hold it in place. This is as simple as using some medical tape around the edges hold the exterior bag, but not the catheter bag, down. In this way, it is easier to slip it in and out when it needs to be emptied.

Make sure to talk to a doctor before implementing a bag like this into a treatment. While it shouldn't be a major problem for most doctors, there's a chance that they'd be worried about the bag cutting off urine flow or other similar problems. For more information, contact services like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc.