Is It An Emergency?

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When a medical event happens, it can be difficult to know what can wait until your primary care physician's office opens, what should be seen at an urgent care center, and what requires an immediate trip to the emergency room. This guide will help explain where and when you should be seen and for what conditions.

What Constitutes An Emergency?

An emergency is something that can be potentially life-altering or life-threatening.

In general, anyone who should be seen at the emergency center should not put themselves or others at risk by driving, and some situations are best handled by calling for the ambulance rather than having a friend or family member drive you. This will allow trained medical professionals to begin assessing your vital signs and provide life support measures if necessary as well as prepare the emergency room and staff for your specific needs.

What Situations Are Best Handled By An Urgent Care Facility?

Not every illness or injury is serious enough to require an emergency room visit. But sometimes, care is need before the night or weekend is over.

These may require you to go to an urgent care center.

If your issue isn't on one of these lists, chances are you can wait until you are able to get an appointment with your regular doctor.